Cheating to Gain Admissions Misses the Point

We have long known about "flaws" and "side doors" in the college admissions process - like preferential treatment for legacies or in exchange for large donations, etc. Many just chalk it up to the "price of doing business." It should not be this way - but it is. There are, however, no guarantees without rigging the system - not even for legacies or donors. Of course, such cheating does little to help prepare young adults for success in college, much less life. But, just as these types of schemes and preferential treatment are no surprise, neither is the "formula" for gaining admission to and thriving in the undergraduate program that is, for you and only you, absolutely perfect. The formula? Work hard. From day one of freshman year in high school, excel in academics, extracurricular activities, athletics, and community involvement. Be a leader in the classroom, the hallways, the athletic field, and the community. Network. Research. Have a plan. Execute the plan. You don't have to cheat. You have to work.

If you find you must cheat to get into an elite college, you very likely lack the ability to thrive at that level - much less enter the workforce just a few short years later with the requisite knowledge, skill sets, and attributes to excel in the marketplace. Not every student belongs in an Ivy or even a highly-selective school. It's not about keeping up with the Joneses. Image is not everything. This is about What's Next for You - and Only You. Prepare deliberately. Plan diligently. Challenge yourself appropriately. And get a coach - not a "fixer"....#nxtuGPS

Bribery Scandal Reveals ‘Weak Spots’ in the Admissions System. Don’t Look So Shocked.

Wealthy parents, actresses, coaches, among those charged in massive college cheating admission scandal, federal prosecutors say

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