Check the Clery Act Reports for Any School You Are Considering

Do the math. Parents and young adults must absolutely consider campus culture when assessing undergraduate options. Elite universities - whether Duke, Vanderbilt, or the Service Academies - face the same challenges as state universities. How they respond matters. West Point, for example, will conduct a "stand-down day" on 25 February - with all members of the campus community coming together to "strengthen" the Academy's "culture" and to address troubling findings in a recent Department of Defense study on sexual harassment and assault at the nation's service academies. The problem is real. This is why we encourage our clients to investigate in depth Clery Act reports for each prospective school and to scan social media and other sources for other indicators of campus culture. Undergraduate students typically spend between 15-22 hours a week in class. What about the other 146-153? This is not about fear; it is about digging deeply into and considering every aspect and attribute of a prospective college, its academics, athletics, financial health, and culture. Have a plan. #nxtUgps

48% of Female Undergrads at Duke Say They Were Sexually Assaulted While Enrolled, Up Sharply From 2016

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