Control the Controllable – Be You!

I am conflicted about the primary assertions here. Sadly, those aspiring to shatter the ineffable confines of race, class, and identity must expect to face and overcome overt and covert privilege. Acknowledge it is there - then focus upon what you can control. We work tirelessly with our clients, regardless of race and/or class, to control the controllable and dismiss the uncontrollable, to live a disciplined, considered life, to embrace grit, and adopt a growth mindset. We coach the development of hard and soft skills, moving beyond the confines of the classroom to promote the ethos at the core of the nxtU Way: Nobody owes you anything. Except you. You owe yourself everything. It matters rather little how you got into the arena - whether through a scholarship or wealthy parents; it's what you do with the opportunity granted. Seize and maximize every opportunity for growth. Live an ethical, considered life. Do not worry, think about, consider, etc. - even for a moment - what others have or the path they've taken. Such thoughts are counterproductive and irrelevant. Be you.

Elite Colleges Constantly Tell Low-Income Students That They Do Not Belong

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