Diminishing Investment by State Legislatures in Higher Ed Impacts You

Diminished (and continuously diminishing) investment in public higher education by state legislatures has very real consequences. Not only do research universities suffer the ill-effects of reduced resources, high-performing/high-potential students must increasingly turn to private or out-of-state colleges to realize that potential and prepare them for what's next - which is an incredibly more complex and competitive marketplace. Why? Because, as Dr. Turner notes, "top state schools are going to out-of-state students or out-of-country students, who pay high fees, to try to replace some of the money from the state coffers." This means significantly higher costs for university students and their parents - whether the student remains in state or not. Save now. You will spend more later. Thankfully, as an informed consumer, you have options. nxtU can help. #knowyouroptions

‘These Cuts Have Real Consequences’: A New Study Surveys the Damage of State Disinvestment in Public Universities


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