Enrollment Shortfalls Matter – To You!

Such shifts in enrollment might seem small but they are significant. In addition to millions in lost tuition, smaller, highly- & most-selective private schools face strong admissions & retention headwinds from an increasingly informed & hesitant consumer base (parents) & under-prepared client base (students). Advertising exorbitant "retail" costs (which institutions & potential students think equates to exclusivity) while offering an average 40% tuition discount is not a viable model moving forward. There is simply too much obfuscation & small print in the higher education marketplace. Parents should not be "surprised" when they get a bill - and, yet, most are. We need more transparency (financial, demographic, admissions, retention, professor teaching loads, Clery Act, etc.) & honest brokering in higher education. This is not a Chicken Little "the sky is falling" pronouncement but parents and young adults deserve better than this climate of unnecessary complexity and opacity. They are starting to vote with their checkbooks. #nxtU #academicconsulting #academiccoaching

Enrollment Shortfalls Spread to More Colleges


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