Faculty Investment & Involvement: Things to Consider

There are two messages here. Yes - liberal arts professors - especially those who teach at small colleges - tend to invest more in their students (both as young adults and as learners) than their colleagues in STEM and at larger state universities. What this poll (and my own anecdotal experience in higher education for sixteen years) suggests is that liberal arts practitioners focus upon and develop the "whole" person.

There are, of course, STEM professors who do the same. Which brings us to the second - perhaps more subtle - message presented here.

Students pursuing studies in STEM (and those attending large universities) must arrive on campus aware of and prepared for this phenomenon - and have a strategy for developing for themselves the very critical mentorship and personal and professional networks highlighted as essential in the Forbes article. GEN Z (or, Generation GPS as I have identified them) craves this personal attention and connection. They thrive under active mentorship and deliberate coaching. Without it, they tend not to reach their full potential.

Bottom line: Arrive on campus with a plan for what's next. Know what's coming. Find a mentor. Get a coach. Network. #nxtuconsulting #nxtUGPS

Good News For The Liberal Arts And Small Colleges


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