Grit, Resilience, & Discipline: The nxtU Way (SAFE-$)

We ground our practice in coaching and mentoring our clients not only to gain admission to what is for you (and only you) the most fulfilling undergraduate institution - but also to excel once you matriculate. Fundamental to our practice: learning and then building upon the foundations for living a deliberate, balanced life and integrating wellness, self-awareness, and reflection into our clients' lives as freshmen and sophomores in high school. To accomplish this, our planner-based daily dashboard has you track and then evaluate SAFE-$ (Sleep, Academics, Fun, Exercise, Money). You measure how much time, energy, and effort you put into these critical functions - and then reflect upon and assess their fulfillment quotient for each. Weekly, you assess nxtU - identifying and reflecting upon their networking and extracurricular activities - before coming up with an overall weekly FQ - how you feel about yourself and your continuing effort to realize you weekly, monthly, semester, and annual goals.

I applaud the programming at USC and Dayton - but college is a bit late....

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How Colleges Use the Curriculum to Encourage Resilience

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