Networking & Mentorship Matter: Consider Both in College Selection

Networking matters - as does mentorship. For this reason, we encourage our clients to consider a wide range of undergraduate institutions - from small colleges to large research universities. Each offers distinct advantages - and challenges. Knowing who you are as a person - your assets, skills, aspirations, and relative shortcomings - matters. Use this self-knowledge to identify the institution that will best prepare you for what's next for you (and only you). Some students desperately need a small college with small class sizes, intimate campuses, and involved, empathetic professors. Others need what many large universities can offer - a broader catalog of course offerings, state-of-the-art laboratories, relative anonymity, and a robust and rabid sports fan base. The truth, though, as Gallup notes, students can find what they need for what's next in both environments - and at schools that fit somewhere in between. Here, the most pertinent takeaway is that students need to show up on campus - whether in Elon or Ann Arbor - prepared to curate their own college experience. #nxtugps

Students at Smaller Colleges More Likely to Say Faculty Care

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