• Cameron Cleveland

“New” vs. “Blue” vs. “White” Collar: The Future is Calling

Have you heard of "new collar jobs"? If not, you will. The marketplace demands very specific skillsets - both hard and soft - blue, white, and now “new” collar. So - ask yourself - as you prepare to spend between $100,000 and $300,000 on your undergraduate education: Are you ready for what's next? Will the school and program you select prepare you for what's next? As CUNY Professor Dr. Ann Kirschner noted in a recent tweet, "If there were a Dow Jones ticker for college degrees, we'd be seeing a market correction today, as the @IBM CEO says, we need to hire for skills not diplomas."

In today's market "everyone" has a diploma - too few have the skillsets. You don't have to go to Davos to know what's coming. You have to prepare for what's next. Entering college - or even entering one's senior year of high school - without a roadmap - or, better yet, a GPS - for what's next is no longer an option.

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