US News & World Report Rankings vs. 4- & 5-Year Graduation Rates

4- and 5-year graduation rates are significant indicators of a college or university's student support, advising, academic, and wellness programs. US News and World Reportrankings are not. These rankings might help whittle a list from, say, a baker's dozen down to five or six - but, from there, prospective students (with their parents in the passenger's seat - not driving) need to research a number of other very specific data sets - graduation rates, job and/or graduate school placement rates, Clery Act reporting, and all information included in the Common Data Set (which entirely too many parents - ie. - over 75% - know nothing about). Bottom Line: Colleges and universities have dozens of priorities; you have one. Own your process; own your future. #nxtU

Opinion | The College Dropout Crisis

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