Why It’s Difficult to Gain Admission to a Flagship State University

The college admissions process has never been more complex nor fraught with pitfalls for students. States continue to reduce funding while imposing tuition freezes and out-of-state student caps. For their part, public schools must wrestle with their legislatures about in-state vs. out-of-state demographics, vetting major and course offerings, funding operating costs, capital reinvestment, and infrastructure management, and a host of other potentially explosive issues. Consequently, though founded to serve state residents, flagship state universities (like the University of Alabama and the University of Delaware) absolutely depend upon out-of-state tuition to remain viable. Too many now see in-state students not only as a low priority - but as a financial liability. This problem will only get worse. For this reason, more than ever, young adults need a deliberate strategy (not a scheme) for gaining admission to what is for them (and them alone) the perfect fit. Families must begin planning and preparing for the process as early as sophomore year in high school. Junior year is much too late. nxtU ensures you are ready for what's next. #nxtugps

Public Universities Work Hard to Make Up for Budget Cuts. But In-State Students May Be Paying the Price.


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