World Class Process = World Class Results

I recently taped a podcast with Service Academy Business Mastermind (SABM Group), talking about nxtU and our successes working with our Generation Z and Millennial clients. Scott Mackes, the true mastermind behind SABM, asked me to identify a few of our favorite success stories so far. His question inspired me to think deeply about my response. You know, we work with a number of elite-level young athletes and extraordinarily talented young adults. I tell them, being extraordinary usually means doing "ordinary" things extraordinarily well. Of course, it feels great when a client gains acceptance at Dartmouth, or accepts a scholarship to play tennis in a major D1 program, or moves into the top-20 of the national rankings. Those things "feel" great.

But I believe the "biggest" successes are process-related - not results-related. Wholesale commitment to a world-class process leads to world-class results. So, when we have a young adult commit to our pre- and post-performance reflection process and make massive - almost unbelievable - improvements - that's an awesome success story. When we can help a supremely-talented young adult client who suffers from crippling social anxiety and who routinely wilts under pressure transform into a supremely-confident, poised, and composed young woman within six months. That's awesome.

When a young man struggling in college actually commits to the nxtU Way, maximizes his ues of campus resources, and jumps from academic probation to the Dean's List in a semester - that's an awesome feeling - just knowing that we are helping these young adults thrive and bloom where they're planted.

Of course, we dream about a client winning a tournament on the ATP tour, thanking nxtU for helping him transform his life and reach his full potential - or a young scholar earning a Rhodes or a Gates Scholarship doing the same. Until then, though, we're more than happy with the smiles of gratitude from parents so thankful for having removed serious bones of contention from the family dinner table each night - and the heartfelt thanks of our young adults when they truly see, some for the first time in their lives, the expansive limits of their potential.

Discomfort is not a terminal condition; neither is failure. We need both to drive our growth mindset. We need both to develop grit. We need both to reach our full potential.

And we all need a coach to help us commit to the process, to navigate the various obstacles and challenges along the way, and to help us celebrate the ordinary that, when combined with other ordinaries - results in the extraordinary.

Are you ready for what's next? nxtU can help.

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