Yes – Your Degree Matters - So Do Your “Soft” Skills

So-called "soft" skills - including emotional intelligence - are as essential as the technical or "hard" skills developed over the course of an undergraduate program of study. It is not that employers privilege these skills over technical or disciplinary competence - they expect new hires to have both. This reminds me of my time in tactical units. We expected young soldiers and officers to arrive at our unit knowing the fundamentals, for example, of entering and clearing a room or building. The unit subsequently built upon this framework - teaching and integrating them into how "we" enter and clear a room or building. Degrees and training programs give these building blocks - graduates then need to put their skills into action. College is, however, "too late" to focus upon or worry about developing soft (or life- or life-admin) skills. Young adults need to start working on their emotional intelligence and life skills at a much earlier age. And they need a coach to help them do so effectively. Are you ready for what's next? #nxtUgps

Employers seek more emotionally intelligent hires - The Boston Globe

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