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College Prep & Academic Success Coaching

  • Living a deliberate & disciplined life: Plan, Prepare, Perform, Achieve, Reflect, Respond

  • Living a life of excellence: Academics, Athletics, Extracurricular Activities, & Community Service

  • Improve executive functioning 

  • Maximize time & energy management

  • Life balance: Academic, Physical, & Mental Wellness

  • The Performance Pyramid

  • Owning the non-negotiables

  • Finding your passion family

  • Setting & achieving SMART goals

Comprehensive Admissions Consulting

  • Standardized test (SAT & ACT) timelines & strategies

  • College selection pathway

    • Research colleges & programs of study 

    • Finding the right “Fit & Get”

    • Finalizing the college list

  • College evaluation pathway & scorecard

    • Campus visit strategy & timeline

    • College evaluation scorecard

    • Final decision matrix

  • College application pathway

    • The Common, Coalition, Apply Texas, & Institutional Applications

    • Admissions writing requirements

    • Admission timelines (Early Action / Early Decision)

    • Letters of recommendation

    • College resume

    • Interview preparation

  • Paying for college: FAFSA & CSS Profile, scholarship & work-study opportunities

College Admissions Consulting
Comprehesive Coaching
Success Coaching

Young Professional Success Coaching

  • Know yourself: P3 assessments (Personal, Professional, Physical), Passion Families, SWOT assessment

  • Living a deliberate, disciplined, and reflective life 

  • Setting & assessing life-affirming SMART priorities, goals, & objectives

  • Filtering distractions and minimizing turbulence

  • Grit: Transforming obstacles and challenges into opportunities

  • Organizing life

  • Life balance: Physical, Mental, & Financial wellness

  • Roadmapping your twenties

  • Transformative transitions

  • Professional, Social, Financial, & Personal Pathways

  • Personal Accountability, Confidence, & Self Esteem

  • Networking 

  • Managing change & busting out of a rut

Sports & Mental Performance

Sports & Mental Performance Coaching

  • The Performance Framework (Play, Practice, Commit, Identify)

  • The Performance Systems (Energy, Attitude, Awareness, Discipline)

  • The Performance Pyramid (Performance Keystones + Non-Negotiables)

  • Achieving the Zone of Optimal Performance

  • Optimizing Pressure, Anxiety, and Intensity

  • Eliminating Stinking Thinking: Positive Self-Talk and Body Language

  • VAR: Visualization and Relaxation Techniques

  • Periodizing Individual and Team Performance

  • The Power of Grit

  • Plateau and Rut Busting

  • The Right Now Reset

  • The Problem x 2 Mindset

  • The Power of Routine and Rituals

  • Positive Parenting of Generation Z Athletes

  • Coaching Generation Z Athletes

  • Optimizing Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

Workplace Performance

Workplace Performance & Productivity Coaching

  • Maximizing Work from Home (WFH) Productivity

  • Effective Transitions from WFH to Hybrid/Office Environments

  • Transformative Leadership: Teamwork, Accountability and Culture

  • Managing Change and Busting out of a Rut

  • Filtering Distractions and Minimizing Turbulence

  • Grit: Transforming Obstacles and Challenges into Opportunities

  • Achieving and Maintaining Work-Life Balance

  • Intergenerational Communication and Leadership: Gen Z and the Workplace

  • Coaching and Mentoring Millennial and Generation Z Teammates

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