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Our Programs

We apply a comprehensive, process-based approach predicated upon performance psychology and practical experience to help prepare you for lasting academic, professional, and personal success. Based upon a holistic assessment of your skills, assets, goals, interests and resources, we tailor a customized program of consultations; proprietary tools and pathways; and tailored coaching to help you achieve your goals and realize your full potential. We teach you skills and strategies to excel, to overcome life's inevitable obstacles, to live deliberately, and to embrace what's next.

College Prep &  Academic Success Coaching

Whole-person academic and success coaching that focuses on setting goals, managing energy, and living a life of excellence.

Comprehensive Admissions Consulting

Expert coaching for undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs (medical, law, and business) including school selection, applications, interviews, and transition.

Sports & Mental Performance Coaching

Proprietary individual and workshop-level sports and performance training, support, and mentorship for coaches, athletes, and teams.

Workplace Performance & Productivity Consulting

Customized training that helps organizations maximize productivity, hold one another accountable, and realize individual and collective potential. 

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