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About nxtU

Life has never been more complex, nor performance more consequential. We prepare young adults to thrive as they navigate life’s challenges and transitions – from high school to college to the workplace – from academic and athletic excellence to college admissions to their first job and beyond. Given this focus, we also consult with organizations to get the most out of their teammates. Do not face these challenges alone. nxtU can help.

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Meet the  nxtU Team

Learn about the nxtU team: Sean Cleveland, Brandyn Fisher, Sean McNeil

Sean Cleveland, Ph.D.

Sean Cleveland has over 15 years of teaching and academic success coaching experience at top universities across the country. Sean is the founding partner of nxtU.

Brandyn Fisher, Ph.D.

Brandyn is a sports & performance psychologist who has mentored some of the country's most elite athletes, including NCAA All-Americans and international champions.

DJ McKenna

DJ is an educator, athlete, and human resources professional with decades of experience. Based in the Dallas area, she directs all client development efforts for nxtU.

Our Programs

  • College Prep & Academic Success Coaching

    Whole-person college preparatory success coaching that focuses on setting and achieving goals, task and energy management, and living a deliberate and reflective life.

  • Sports & Mental Performance Coaching

    Proprietary individual and workshop-level sports and performance training, support, and mentorship for coaches, athletes, and teams.

  • Comprehensive

    Admissions Consulting

    Expert coaching for undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs (medical, law, and business) including school selection, applications, interviews, and transition.

  • Workplace Performance & Productivity Coaching

    Customized training that helps organizations maximize productivity, hold one another accountable, and realize individual and collective potential. 

Running Track

We were overwhelmed by the college application process when it came time for our twin girls to apply. Finding Sean to help with this process was our saving grace.

Natasha D.



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